For nearly twenty years, ContinuumRx has been providing unparalleled home infusion services to our patients in Tennessee, Virginia, and Alabama.

Now, we’re expanding to our wholly-owned subsidiary, Continuum Health. Continuum Health’s Infusion Clinic provides full-service infusion facilities built to redefine the infusion therapy experience.

Unlike other infusion clinics which often lack a pharmacist, we believe that our pharmacists play an integral role in our process both from a patient safety and convenience standpoint. Patients can expect a streamlined experience during their care — as soon as they enter our facility they receive their therapy efficiently and in a peaceful space.


Relaxing Amenities

Relaxing Amenities

Whether patients are feeling sociable or just want to unplug in private, they are free to choose between a comfortable, common room or undergo their therapy in a personal suite. Regardless of their preference, all patients have access to complimentary snacks, drinks, a coffee bar, and various entertainment options such as smart TVs, iPads, and free Wi-Fi.

Depending on the patient’s schedule and mindset, they have the option of opting for a quiet environment to unwind while receiving their therapy, and other days they may need to bring children along to infusion sessions. We are prepared for both! Continuum Health can accommodate any patient’s needs by providing entertainment options for both patients and children, and allowing patients to receive their treatment in a holistic manner at a time that is convenient for them.